When you join IM Academy its very important to start with the right mentor. Even if you did join under your friend, the best way to get to the real deal is to ask them to connect you to a Chairman, preferably someone who is a P1000 leader and above. These individuals are the right mentors in IM Academy. They will equip you with all the necessary tools and tell you exactly where to start in this platform. These individuals will check on almost everyday to make sure you are on the right path, they will lead you to greatness.

Most people have the wrong impression about these mentors they tend to think they are recruiters. Beyond all the noise you will notice these are the real champions of the business. Finding the right mentor in IM Academy is a very important choice, so pick carefully as some will just leave you where they found you!

If your after real support and genuine care, contact one of the team at IM Academy UK and we shall put you forward to the right mentors who work with us full-time.

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