As of writing this the price of a MTO token is $0.93 right now. If you guys don’t know what ICO or MTO is, here we go. Right ICO is short for Initial Coin Offering. Meaning before a token or coin is launched on exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase, you get the opportunity to invest in the token/crypto before it hits the market. Now MTO is short for Merchant Token which is the token in question you are investing in. Now, I’m a true believer that DEFI will take over the finance world in the coming years and this project sounds super hot. With over $22 million raised so far and climbing over a $1million a day in investment, MTO looks to become the hottest crypto projects of the year! As this is a pre-sale of MTO tokens the only way to buy MTO is to buy Ethereum first and then send Ethereum to Merchant Token and they convert Ethereum to MTO for you automatically once you send it to them.

To get started with investing in MTO follow these instructions:

Step 1: Click this link and Sign Up

Step 2: From your Binance/Exodus/Coinbase you will need to buy Ethereum. Purchase your Ethereum (This is how much you want to invest)

Step 3: Login to your merchanttoken account and you will see a option like this:

Step 4: You simply send the Ethereum from your wallet (Binance/Coinbase) to the Ethereum ICO deposit address in merchant account address. Done! It will take upto 10 mins before you will see your Ethereum deposit in your Merchant Token account.

Step 5: Set your withdraw Ethereum address in Once the MTO reaches $1.20, Merchant Token will send that money back to your Ethereum address.

Once you see your MTO balance, that’s it sit back and get ready for the fun!

If you need further help feel free to message us!

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