With the big boom of ALT coins going off the charts! Here at IM Academy we teach you how to get started and make gigantic gains in this crypto market. First of what is MetaMask? It’ simply a crypto wallet where one can swap and exchange tokens and coins for others using platforms such as Pancake Swap and Uniswap.

The biggest problem we face with MetaMask are the huge gas fees which every crypto broker suffers from and this is due to Ethereum touching all time high prices. As of typing this the price of Ethereum is $3800. IT’s increased by over 80% this year alone, because of this the gas fees for swapping tokens on MetaMask are very expensive. Also it’s very common for MetaMask to not show you the value of your coins in MetaMask BSC. For this you have to download Trustwallet and import your wallet to see the actual real value in dollars.

We have a video to show you how to get started, check our YouTube channel for more!

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