IM Academy has many products, the main products offered are split into 6 main categories. All these products make money and can help you achieve financial freedom. The Elite pack is the biggest product we offer, it holds all the other products inside. 

FRX pack is for everyone that wants to learn Forex. If forex is what you’re after, look no further, this package provides you with all the leading FRX educators and all the strategies to make money in forex. We highly recommend you start with a demo account first.

HFX package is everything to do with binary trading. Our leading educators will show you exactly how to get it in and make money in minutes. We have a strategy called CashTrap made by one of our educators, this tool is a game changer in the academy. 

The DCX package is for all the crypto fanatics. If you want to invest in Bitcoin, XRP or any other coin then this package will show you everything you need to know to make money from the crypto market. This section is lead by our very own Chairman Elite Jason Brown who makes millions every month from trading crypto.

The ECX pack is for everyone who wishes to learn about opening their own online drop shipping store. As we all know everything is online now and this is the best way to get started. 

IBO stands for Independant Business Owner. The academy shows you ways of earning up to $1 million dollars a month by showing others this platform. There are many ways to earn residual income by becoming a partner in IM Academy. The IBO pack is only $15 a month and allows you to build your team and show people the path and get paid!

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